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Silver Avion RV Restoration

We found our Avion on Craigslist and purchased it from a gentleman in Santa Fe, NM January’13. He was just the second owner and had used it as a place to live while he built a home in Colorado. The original owner lived in Tucson so luckily our trailer did not have many wet/soft spots in the floor due to long term exposure to the elements. We pulled it back to our home in Corrales NM and started the restoration this April. This was a fun project and a true labor of love. We have now been able to use it for a couple of trips this summer with no problems and truly enjoyed the fruits of our labor. People are surprised with the contrast between the original 1968 exterior and a completely updated interior. I included a couple before and after pictures to document our work. A quick summary of our restoration: 1. Repaired 3 soft spots in floor (front door, under water pump, and bathroom) 2. Replaced all plumbing with new PEX tubing (as it turns out, entire water system need replaced due to poor winterization). 3. Repaired refrigerator (original Dometic) which now work like a charm on both Electricity and Gas. Painted original cover with magnetic paint and then chalkboard paint. 4. Repaired original Coleman wall furnace and painted cover with high temp paint. 5. Repaired original Magic Chef 4 burner cooktop, range and vent hood. Stripped and painted with high temp paint to match other appliances 6. Repaired and recharged A/C which now works beautifully 7. Replaced water pump, refurbished kitchen sink and installed new kitchen faucet. 8. Rebuilt original pull out extension table due to some water damage and now have 3 leaves now to extend it. 9. Stripped multiple coats of finish, repaired and refinished all original birch cabinetry and finished in dark ebony stain 10. Primed and painted interior bright white 11. Installed all new running lights and outdoor lights 12. Repaired leak in fresh water tank and distribution piping and installed winter drain. 13. Replaced black tank valve. Installed “grey water” diversion to plumbing which is after the black valve and prior to external sewer hookup so I can use shower and bathroom vanity and not fill up our black tank. 14. Completely gutted bathroom. New 2 part epoxy paint, new toilet, new countertop and vessel sink, new shower fixtures, and new tile in shower 15. New floor throughout (wood-look vinyl for ease of maintenance) 16. Re-wired 12V system (which was a mess under the trailer), new pigtail and installed new battery/cover 17. New lighting throughout trailer (combination of std. 12 V and new LED lights) 18. Repaired 2 existing ceiling fans and installed 2 new 12V chrome plated fans for boon-docking 19. Purchased 2 new memory foam mattresses and upholstered existing pull-out gaucho 20. Purchased and installed new combination LCD/DVD player. Found original swing out support shelf on eBay (original holes matched up perfectly!) 21. Purchased and installed new weather monitoring system (primarily to cover up very large hole) 22. Installed new deadbolt and safety latch on entry door (original rope just wouldn’t cut it anymore). Replaced all external storage compartment locks. 23. New screens throughout trailer on all windows, vents and door. I also have original storm sashes which previous owners left with the trailer. 24. New valves, pigtails, regulators and got existing 40# propane tanks recertified 25. Stripped and painted all exterior metal surfaces with POR-15 4 step finish. 26. New spare tire (4 wheels on the ground were only 5 years old and no signs of wear or weathering yet) 27. Replaced all 4 wheels brakes and repacked bearings 28. New Prodigy brake controller installed on tow vehicle. 29. Vigorous cleaning of exterior and Par Fe wax to brighten the finish 30. Purchased all necessary camping accessories. 31. Made custom shade/awning for $136 in materials out of 3 shade sails and tent poles which works awesome (see attached drawing)

1968 AVION MODEL T22  

Owner: Keith Baumgardner