Roof Vent Repair

How to fix a leaking roof vent.

Our 1987 Avion roof vents had become brittle from years of UV rays.  My wife came up with a simple fix that makes them better than new. read more.

Avion Clean Up. 



It has been two years since I have had a chance to camp.  Now you can see first hand what a couple of years of neglect looks like.  I put it away in great shape but now I have awnings that are molding, Window Frames Molding, Tail lights that are a disaster, A-frame rusted and in real need of clear coat.  It has been 10 years since the last one. Read More.  


How to replace the screw cover on Hehr Windows.

The molding covers the screws that attach the window to the coach. ​I purchased the trim fromInterstate RV Metal and Supply. It cost about $0,98 a foot. The handling  charge is $15 plus freight so you want to make sure you order enough.  

New Wheels and Tires
​ Avion Guy

 Alcoa Aluminum built a wheel in Cleveland Ohio that was made just for Avion.  I purchased a new set of wheels that resemble the old ones.    They do not have the deep dish design but the mod style may fake you out at first glance.   My trailer had the OEM aluminum wheels but the dealer traded them off to another customer who purchased before me.  He forget to take the spare so I have always had the one wheel.     Read More

RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting and Repair

Bruce Hipp 

 The refrigerator repair was interesting.   The manual said there were only 4 screws holding it in.  Wrong. (The screws were cam screws requiring a special tool.) and there were 10 of them... on the outside floor through the access door, 2 above the fridge in the cabinet, 4 on the sides and 4 behind little caps on the front    Read More.

Furnace Replacement

Mark Campbell 

Because of the size of our trailer we chose the Surburban Model NT34. (34,000 BTU)  Suburban also sells a 40,000 BTU model but the experts agreed it was too much for our trailer.  Having too many BTU's is as inefficient as having too few.   We bought it from   Suburban makes a low profile furnace but they were too wide to fit within the existing furnace cabinet.    ReadMore

Floor Repair

Bill Rahm 

  I really think half of the fun is keeping her looking as new as she does. After returning from a trip to New Jersey I noticed the floor near the right front of my 87 model 30P showed signs of wood rot.   I have attempted to outline the procedure I used to repair the floor.  Before you begin by a good square head screwdriver.  Almost every screw you will remove will have the square pattern.   You will need a ...  Read More.

Identification and care of the aluminum exteror


  Three types of aluminum were used during the production of silver avions.  Each has different characteristics and very different methods to maintain and restore the finish.  Know what you have before you move ahead with your project. Read more.

Reupholster Dinette

Avion Gal

One of the things that became painfully obvious to us was that the furniture and dinnette were wearing out. The reason it was so painful was that a spring was starting to stick out through the sofa.   The chair was never that comfortable and the padding in the dinnete was shot. It was time for new furniture and accessories.  This is how we accomplished this project.    Read More

New Electronic Water Pump Install and Review

Avion Guy

  Eventually your water pump is going to need replacing.  My got to the point to where it was hardly deliverying any water. In 2003 I purchased a ShurFlo Extreme electronic water pump that cost $188. It is a lot of money but it promises that its computer technology will deliver water "just like home" water flow.  Read More

Fixing Leaks

Bill Rahm

According to Chuck Cayo the classic Avion has two places that are notorious for leaks.  One is the Zip Dee Awning Brackets. These brackets are located near the roof line on each end of the awning. The brackets lock the awning in place when in the stored position.  Read More.

Silver Avion RV Maintenance

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Brakes and Shocks

By Paul White.

Make your Avion much safer to tow by replacing worn out brakes and shocks.  read more.

Better Back Up Lights

Rough Country 2" LED Cubes.

For $90 and a couple hours work you can have a truly functional set of lights.  read more., pub-6492451782330328, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Silver Avion RV Restoration

LED Tail Light Retrofit

By Paul White.

Make your Avion safer by installing a set of retrofits. read more.