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Silver Avion RV Restoration

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The Avion Forum is a source for Avion owners to share their experiences, repair and maintenance tips, and camping and restoration photos with other Avion folks. Our members also help new owners with their questions when they can't find answers in our archives.

Our message archive is a treasure trove of information about how to find parts and fix things. Before asking a question please use the forum messages search function to find how others solved their problems. If you don't quickly find the answer, then please do ask your question in the forum. Please provide a clear subject line and post questions on different subjects in separate messages.

Also see the following related site for Avion year and model information, manuals, repair info, etc.: 

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Today those four children are grown up. Our fifth child was born in 1989 and our AVION is the only trailer he has ever known. At times our grandchildren come camping and we are looking more and more like people on an AVION Brochure.  
​Silver AVION RV's went out of production just a few short years after we purchased ours. Today's owners are passionate about their AVION and CAYO RV's and help each other when they can.  If you want to get started with a Silver Avion RV Restoration you have found a good place to get started. That is why this web site exists to help each other.  You should also join the Silver Avion Forum.
So come back every once in a while and take a look around.  We are always getting new content so maybe you will find that manual or brochure you need or see a new project.

I  get mail regarding serial numbers, model numbers, how much a unit is worth and where to buy and sell an AVION.  This information is located on ​Dr. G's site. click here. 

Silver Avion RV Restoration

My wife and I always wanted to own an AVION.


We figured we would buy it when the kids were grown up and we were financially secure. We took the plunge much sooner than that.  We became fed up with the poor quality of conventional trailers. In August 1986 we borrowed $30,000 to purchase our 1987 Model 32S.  We were 36 years old with four small children and an 1976 Ford Econoline.

 Silver Avion RV Restoration

Here is a partial list of people who have provided their expertise and materials. 
  • ​Donald Gradeless
  • ​Rol Murrow
  • Bill Rahm
  • ​Chris Garlanger
  • ​Luck Ray
  • Greg Ray
  • Gregory Hicks
  • Mark Campbell​
  • ​Albert Bailetz
  • ​Lon Blair
  • ​Chuck Cayo
  • ​Jim Simmons
  • Kathy Simmons
  • ​Charilie Jernigan
  • Tom DeArk
  • ​Leif Burgland
  • Chris Fellers
  • ​Pat Rosend
​Have a manual, brochure, photos, project etc.? Anything related to silver silver avion rv maintenance or silver avion rv restoration please send it to me.  It is always appreciated.