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Silver Avion RV Restoration

Dexter built most of their axles in the 80's with "inset wheels" of 1/4 - 1/2." The people at Dexter saw no problem using wheels with no inset. I have found no difference in handling. If you get new wheels, make sure they are all the same.
  • 4 Wheels                         $105.29 ea.   Total $421.16

  • 4 Center Caps                 $ 7.82 ea.    Total $  31.28
  • 20 Long Stainless Nuts $12.46 ea    Total $  62.30
  • 4 Valve Stems                 $ 1.54  ea    Total $     6.16
  • 4 Tires                              $99.38 ea    Total $397.52
    TOTAL $821.06 

Here is a potential source.  Make sure you measure your wheels bolt pattern before ordering.

Wheels and Tires
By Avion Guy

Rear wheel is the exclusive Avion Design made by Alcoa in Cleveland OH.

Front is my new "Mod" . It lacks the deep dish but "Mod Style" maintains many of the characteristics. 

Alcoa Aluminum built a special aluminum wheel in Cleveland Ohio exclusively for AVION. I purchased a set of new wheels that resemble the originals. They do not have the deep dish design but the mod style may fake you out at first glance. My trailer actually had a set of the OEM wheels but the dealer traded them off to another guy who apparently got them tossed into his deal. Unfortunately for this savy negotiator he did not get the spare that I use to this day. Here is my bill of material to build my new dream and tire set up.