Brakes and Shocks Procedure

12" Brake assembly pair from Southwest Wheel:

ITEM#23134-IPS $63.95 each pair. Total of three pairs $182.26  Discount coupon 5%. $9.11

Subtotal $173.14

Shipping $49.62

Total $222.76

Shock from Stengel Bros:

Monroe 555001 $25.27 each

(6 shocks) $151.62

Discount (tjoos) $3.03

Subtotal $148.59

Shipping $16.77

Total $165.36

  • Loosen Lug Nuts

  • ​Jack  up one side of the trailer. I used a bottle jack to lift the trailer and some 6x6 wooden blocks to safely support it.  DO NOT USE CONCRETE BLOCKS!

  • Remove each wheel.  It's a good time to clean up the wheel wells. I cleaned and primed the metal frame, the wheel well cavity and the suspension parts.  Then brushed on some undercoat made by reRubber.

  • Clip the existing brake wires. and strip off a clean area of wire.

  • Remove the brake drums. Inspect for grease contamination .  If it is present you will need new bearing seals.

  • Remove the 5 bolts holding the brake assembly to the axle and remove the brake assembly.

  • Clean the area.

  • Remove the old shock absorber.  Mine were so badly corroded that I had to break off the stems with locking pliers to get them free from the mounting bracket.

  • Install the new shock absorber.

  • Install the new brake assembly.  Ensure you have the correct assembly for the side of the trailer you are working on. Secure the assembly to the hub with 5 new bolts and lock washers. (came with the new assemblies.)

  • Splice the new brake wires to the trailer's brake wires.  I used wire nuts and/or crimp-on splices.

  • Install the drum.

  • Adjust the brake assembly using the brake adjuster.

  • Install brake assemblies on the other side using the same procedure..

  • Install the wheels/tire and snug lug nuts.

  • Lower the trailer CAREFULLY.

  • Tighten the lug bolts using a torque wrench. My original aluminum wheels were tightened 90 foot lbs.

  • Move on to other side of the trailer.

  • Eventually you need to hook up the trailer and test brakes. 


Replacing worn out shocks and brakes is very important for a safe ride.

​By Paul White, pub-6492451782330328, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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