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Silver Avion RV Restoration

General Cleaning 

I use "Perfect Glass" and Heavy Duty Simple Green to remove black streaks. One of the few places without anodized aluminum is the door frame.  I polished a little just to see what it looks like.  I  don't like it and will let it oxidize.  

The reflectors were separated from their backs by prying carefully with a razor knife, cleaned and re-installed. 

Rock Guard

Picked up a tip on the forum that "Flood" is the product to use for restoring awnings.  It works great.  I applied multiple coats including the battery box and cover for the steps.  $10 at Lowes.


A power washer is used to get the mildew off the Sunbrella Awnings. I use a moderate nozzle with warm water but  no soap.  My son will get the big awning  up top when he sprays down the roof of the trailer. 


  • Air Conditioner - Original unit still blows cold. Removed cowling and repainted silver like when it was new.
  • Furnace - Heating
  • Refrigerator - Cooling.
  • Water Heater - Bad Module replaced.
  • Tail Lights - New LED tailights installed. (awesome)
  • Wheels - Replaced rusted chrome lug nuts with 304 Stainless caped ones. A small detail that makes a big difference. 


Power washing

is what gets the mildew off the skin and trim.  This is a moderate nozzle as I don't want to damage the clear coat.  I did not use soap but did use warm water.

Two Years Of Neglect

I have been very busy the last couple of years.  I have done NOTHING to care for my trailer.  I put it on the storage lot in good shape and now it is a mess.  Here are some of the things I am doing to get it in tip top shape.

Avion Clean Up