We rescued our 1962 Avion 31' from the deep woods of southern Missouri. She was parked there, beside a river, for two or three years. When we saw her she was covered inside and out with a thin layer of mud and mouse poop. Under the filth it was evident that prior to that rough life she likely lived a princess existence somewhere under a protective cover in Arizona. She never saw much highway travel in all of her 53 years as was evident by her 45 year old tires which held air long enough for us to drag her out of the mud and right into the tire shop.
It was love at first sight for us. If her walls could talk she would have cried out for saving graces in a very well-spoken, very refined voice. We saw her beauty, her future, her perfect fit as a purveyor of memories we were yet to make.
Over the next few months (26 consecutive weekends to be exact) we spent every minute and dime we could muster up to bring her back to function as she was intended. A labor of love, many long, hot hours were spent building her back from flooring to air conditioning and everything in between. We opted to make her "the coolest hotel room and adventure capsule" over restoring her to her original form. We restored the lighting and the hardware and changed the rest to our liking.
I discovered the travelcade club and really wish we could resurrect the club along with the numbering system. I have all of the original paperwork that came with her. I also have all of her old parts (fridge, range, heater) available to anyone who needs them.

Silver Avion RV Restoration

1962 Avion 31FT

Owner:Dale &  JoAnn Romano

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