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Silver Avion RV Restoration

The NT series most closely matched the overall dimensions of the original Duotherm furnace.We made two "runners" of 1/2" thick boards to sit the furnace on within the cabinet. We did this for two reasons: to make the bottom duct opening easier to connect, and to better line up the exhaust holes to the exterior wall of the coach. We found a very simple solution to dealing with the existing intake/exhaust holes from the original Duotherm furnace: the new furnace's holes fell exactly in-between the existing holes. We just drilled two new2 1/4" holes and sealed off the original caps.No patching of the skin was required! We installed a mud dauber screen over the new exhaust holes, and it looks great! Registers actually get too hot to touch, so the 34,000 BTU's are more than sufficient!

Furnace Replacement
By Mark Campbell

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Because of the size of our trailer (34V) we chose the Suburban model NT34 (34,000BTU).Suburban sells a 40,000 BTU, but all the experts agreed that was too big. Having too many BTU's is an inefficient as having too few. We bought it from Suburban makes a "low profile" series of furnaces, but they were too wide to fit within the existing furnace cabinet. We also didn't need to worry about limited height within the cabinet, so the low profile models didn't interest us.