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Silver Avion RV Restoration

Here is a pretty good look at the new covering going over the old. This is a top cap for one side of the dinette.  We had plenty of material so some was used to cover the inside of the magazine rack. The type of material we used is smoother than the wood so things go in and out easier. It is also quieter if you are a late night reader and he isn't.

​The outside of the rack was the most tedious part of this project. The ruffles are made by putting elastic on the material edge in its "stretched" position. Went it goes over the board it pleats. She pinned the new material to the old in the stretched position. The old elastic proved adequate. Once we install the magazine rack the job is done. We both have a lot of satisfaction in the job she has done. I did get to bolt the stuff on and off and sometimes she let me use the staple gun. Covering over the old material works great. Try it.

She started by removing all of the parts we needed to cover. This included an end of the sofa, dinette doglegs and top caps. We also have a magazine rack with the same material. Laying each piece on the fabric allowed a pattern for cutting. Remember to match the pattern of the fabric when laying out. She has a cool little pizza cutter gizmo she uses to cut fabric. The main piece of fabric is wrapped around the dogleg and stapled. Notice the other two pieces of fabric she has cut out. These are used to fill the gaps caused by the bends and angles of the dogleg. Notice that right at the curve she has inserted the little bow tie shaped piece. She hot glues that in place and then the outer material is folded around and stapled on the inside Now that the dogleg is finished I think it looks good. I am also glad that it neither smells like a dogs leg or an athletes foot.
The 32S has a front kitchen with the living room in the center. The new armchair is 2" wider than the original. It has a swivel/tilt base and is covered with ultra-leather. The chair has become my favorite place in the morning. I can get up early, sip the fresh coffee and watch the sunrise out the picture window. The sofa is a Flexsteel Jackknife. It has thicker cushions than the original. This one came with a hook on front. I replaced the hooks with the spring hinges the original sofa had. It makes getting to the under sofa storage a lot easier. The afghan and pillows tie the blues that are in the wall pattern of the kitchen galley. The original sofa end pillows (not shown) are being recovered with the new material

Interior Makeover
By Avion Guy

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One of the things we became painfully aware of was how worn our furniture had become. The reason it was so painful is that the spring supports were sprouting through the fabric of the old sofa. The original chair had never been that comfortable, and the foam in the dinette cushions was shot. It was time for new furniture and accessories. This is how we accomplished this project. We purchased the furniture from a company that specializes in furniture for all types of RV's and pleasure craft. Their primary supplier Flexsteel is located within minutes of their facility. The Brad and Hall showroom displays all available styles of furniture. This is not a buy it and take it home today store. You select furniture based on what you desire and what will fit in your Avion. Next is the selection of materials. We ordered an additional 5 yards to do the upholstery work. The furniture is then ordered and it takes about 3 or 4 weeks to arrive. The furniture can be shipped to you or you may come back and they will install it for you at an additional charge for labor. They will make dinette cushions. We left one set of cushions for reference. We purchased additional material to cover some fabric-covered items such as the doglegs at the end of the dinette. Once the furniture was installed it was time for Avion Gal to do her thing. Bradd and Hall suggested covering directly over the old fabric, and that is just what we did. The addition of the extra layer of fabric made these parts more luxurious.