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Silver Avion RV Restoration

I recently replaced the Bargman type 84 tail light assemblies on our 1987 34W (Bargman part number 47-84-008). These tail light assemblies are used on 1986 thru 1989 non-basement models. Bargman has individual replacement modules for the basement models.

I replaced the turn/brake lights as well as the reverse lights, but only the brake/turn lights are LED. I stayed with new incandescent reverse lights;
didn't feel like spending the cash for LED lights that don't get used much.

Here is a link to the Bargman site that shows the lights I ordered:

Bargman tail lights

I ordered mine from They had the best deal that I could find:

Bargman lights from

The lights were very easy to replace. I unscrewed the existing fixtures from the base on the trailer and inspected the wiring behind. I decided that there was enough slack in the wires to allow letting the existing fixtures hang down loose while I transfered one wire at a time to the new fixtures. All I needed was a square-drive screwdriver to remove the existing fixtures, a cutter/crimper/stripper tool that is used with crimp-on splices, and a half dozen or so crimp-on splices (red or blue work OK).

Also needed a sharp pocket knife (or utility knife) and a drill.... I used T-nuts and associated screws to remount the new fixtures rather than reusing the original screws because at least three of the existing screw holes in the bases were stripped. I needed the sharp knife to trim some of the base to allow the T-nuts to align properly with the holes in the base, and I needed the drill to enlarge those holes in the base for the new screws.

It was easy to transfer the existing wires over to the new fixtures, one by one. I used dielectric grease on all of the connections, including the ground that attaches to the body of the trailer. Once I finished all of the splices, I bundled up the wires nicely with wire ties.

I really like the end result.

Paul White
Bentonville, AR