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Silver Avion RV Restoration

What can I say......It was a great deal but it sure did need a lot of good ole elbow grease. The camper had been lived in, smoked in and the previous owner love to fry up some food on that stove. I scrubbed and scrubbed those kitchen cabinets but was not able to get the original wood back to anything that looked descent thus the off white painted cabinets. I used all the orginal hardware and just sanded them and spray painted them black. The counter tops were destroyed so we replace that with a new wood counter top and added new laminate. Which by the way gave us the opportunity to add just over a foot the kitchen counter. The bathroom cabinets were pretty bad and I painted them out also. I kept the original counter top in the bathroom. The cabinets over the bed I was able to keep original. I was going to paint them just so everything flowed together but I left them until last and now I really like the contrast. One cabinet door by the fridge was so bad that we were going to rebuild it but that was going to be another project for later and I got impatient and just set up the cabinet like a bar/entertainment area. We had to rebuild the entire front cabinet over the couch which reminds me we still have not installed the radio. I also painted all the ceilings and walls and closets. We had to put in a new floor since it was soft by the beds. We put down vinyl strip flooring from the local hardware store. We could never get the original fridge to work so we put in a new one and rebuilt the cabinet above the fridge to hold the microwave. Reworked the plumbing from where a line had busted. New steps. New locks. Fixed cracks and reworked the rock guard. Was very lucky in finding a local decal man just up the street that made me a new Avion sticker to put back on it. Gosh we did so much.....I am sure I missed a few things. For the decor I just wanted to keep it fun and 70's. My biggest inspirations was my 1970's vintage $1.00 twin sheet that I found from the local flea market that is now the futon cover. Throw in a lava lamp, a magic 8 ball, a pet rock and of course a flamingo lamp and all is well in the Love Shack. I also found the flower 1970's curtains just recently to put at the ends of the beds. Yep.....another $1.00 at the flea market. Yay me!! The most important thing I could say to anyone remodeling or restoring is just take your time and if something does not work out it is usually for a great reason. I never planned for the bar/entertainment cabinet or keeping the original stain on the cabinets over the bed but I absolutely love how it all turned out. It took us over a year but we had other projects that we were working on and found the time to get married. The Love Shack is now parked at the lake (we rented a site for a year) and we are enjoying it more than ever! I should say we and our friends are enjoying more than ever!!

 1973 25FT LeGrande 

Owner: Tony & Sherry Ward