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Silver Avion RV Restoration

Water Pump Replacement
By Avion Guy

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August 2003. After 17 years my original water pump was delivering almost no water pressure. It was time for a new pump. This pump was $188 at Camper's World. That is a lot of money but its computer technology promises to deliver "just like home" water flow. FloJet™ also makes a model using this technology. It has a smaller O. D. but is a longer housing. One of the weak points in my system has been the "hard pipe" connection between the water pump and the water heater. (red line) The vibration can be transferred to the heater and cause more noise and premature wearing of the fittings. The plumber of this trailer turned the heater fitting so the pipe runs parallel to the floor. It is too close so the pounding it takes against the floor caused the weld on the lower heater connection to leak. Note the shims under the water heater to give a little clearance between the pipe and the floor. This has worked since 1987. You would think for $188 you would get all new hardware but you don't. Save the mounting screws you will need to reuse them. The pump comes with a quick connect fitting. In order to use this fitting you connect it to the line first and then slide the fitting into the pump and put on a retaining collar. There are three "o" rings on the fitting. Lubricate them liberally with plumbers grease.This is a computer controlled pump so the polarity must be correct or you will burn it out. Once I verify the hot line I wire nut the lines into place for a test pump. I am still very suspicious of the quick connect fitting. I bounce around the pump with my hands to simulate what might happen when jostled down the road. Sure enough the fitting broke loose. There is too much tension created by the direct hard pipe connection. I will now follow the "recommended" directions and install a flexible hose on both ends of the pump. This will also reduce the noise.The perk I got with the flexible hose was that I could position the pump over to gain more storage space. This 32S has twin beds. The pump is located under the road side bed. Review: Positive - This pump does live up to its billing. It delivers water at a pressure equivalent to a city water hook-up. There is no pulsating at any speed you run the faucet. Overall it provides a quieter operation. Negative - This type of pump does draw more current if you run it at full blast. It is inconvenient to install because SHURflo does not supply the silicon grease for the "O" rings. It also does not supply the larger screen which you will have to install. This picture was taken before the new screen was purchased. There goes another $24. The grease can be obtained at a pool supply store. The screen can be ordered from a local RV dealer or from Camping World on line. Summary - It is nice to be able to fill the toilet quickly for thorough flushing. I will need to train people not to run the faucets full blast when dry camping to keep the holding tanks from filling too quickly and to conserve battery power. I would recommend you look at the Flojet model. If it includes more of the needed parts it could save you a lot of money.