Silver Avion RV Restoration

Silver Avion RV Restoration 
The History Of Avion and CAYO RV

Written by Bob Muncy

In the early 1950's Robert Cayo and his family hooked their nineteen foot little Gem travel trailer to a 1951 Chevrolet and headed west for a family camping vacation.  At the same time, Robert's older brother Loren and his family headed west in their Packard automobile with an Airstream in tow.  The two families set up camp at Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park. As they sat around the campfire they discussed how their trailers could be improved.  Read more about History, Silver Avion RV restoration and Silver Avion rv maintenance (click here)

Silver Avion RV Restoration Fact

The Cayo Family Operates a facility in Michigan that provides Silver Avion RV maintenance and Silver Avion RV Restoration services. Phone 269-463-5086

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